While Fire Rated Doors seem to be the focus of everyone’s attention, Smoke Doors also have the annual inspection requirements. Although the inspection is less stringent, its important that these doors are being inspected per the code and that the reporting requirements are being met. Accurate Fire Door can bundle in your annual smoke door inspections along side your fire rated doors. We can provide you with a separate report that can be reviewed by any AHJ at any time. NFPA code requires that these reports are kept on file for 3 years.

NFPA 105.5.2 *Inspection Requirements

  • Smoke door assemblies shall be inspected annually.
  • Doors shall be operated to confirm full closure.
  • Hardware and gaskets shall be inspected annually, and any parts found to be damaged or inoperative shall be replaced.
  • Tin clad and Kalamein doors shall be inspected regularly for dry rot.
  • A written record shall be maintained and shall be made available to the authority having jurisdiction.
  • Records shall be maintained for not less than 3 years.